Manual for Surviving a Zeta Encounter

written by Alloya Ye Ra Har <>
Posted Fri, 11-Jun-1999 22:01:44 GMT

Alloya Ye Ra

Alloya Ye Ra Har is the spirit name of Nikki Huckfield. She is a newly recognized author, facilitator, healer, psychic and channel. She is a trained Hands on Healer with the College of Healing. Nikki is a trainer of the Weiss Transformational Healing Process, she works very closely with various energies most of which are Extraterrestrial.

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"There are many of you out there that are starting to have conscious Zeta encounters. Some of you still consider them to be outside of yourselves. Others are beginning to open up to the possibility that they are not entirely human. What do we mean by Zeta aspect, or alien self? To believe that you have only ever been human and have only ever existed here is foolish. There is much more to you than meets the eye. There is only one small aspect of the whole self that is human. There are other aspects that are angel and so on. What is it too incredible to believe that you are from Extra-Terrestrial origins?

There is so much fear around these beings that you cannot see the truth behind the illusion of fear. You live in a dimensional of polarity thinking, right and wrong, judgement. Therefore you judge the E.T beings you come into contact with, with the same polarity thinking that you are used to using upon your planet. The planet Gaia is asking for something more from you.

Consider that this alien aspect, this Zeta self is trying to contact you and integrate in order to achieve something, something rather special. You have so many dramas around these beings that its is very hard to view the exact truth around the Zeta. You must understand that there are many different stories, many levels and that not all of them are conducive to your way of thinking. If you look at the Zeta drama from the third dimension, there is little or no real rational proof as to their existence. Those of you in fear and are mesmerised by its many dramas are inventing, manifesting creative dramas within the fourth dimension, Abductions and Governmental conspiracies. You see the fourth dimension is a place of creativity, a place where the power struggles of the inner psyche plays out its dream. And in this case the dream of the mass consciousness. So you see when you focus upon the conspiracy theories, you are only perpetuating the drama that is being played out on the fourth dimension. It is not just the Zeta that has a part to play in this but also, the beings that control and influence your governments. If you tune into the fourth dimension only you will see many reasons to be fearful of the Zeta but if you elevate your awareness into the fifth dimension you will see that these beings are light beings in disguise. They have volunteered to take on a very important job. They have come here to transform your fear. Not the fear that you consciously know about but the fear that is hidden, secret within not only your psyche but also the mass psyche of your planet. From a dimension that is elevated above yours they as " one being " peer down upon you and orchestrate dramas, creations of a fourth dimensional nature in order to get your attention. Well they have certainly done that.

It is a very dreamy existence that you live in. You think that everything is black and white, but as you enter the realm of the fourth dimension, you will experience reality's grey areas. And so enter the Zeta or some less friendly of you call them the " greys " .

So what do you do when you are first standing face to face with your Zeta aspect. Whether that be in meditation, dream or trance. ??

First you take a deep breath, and allow the encounter to occur in whichever way that it may. You see you cannot really go on your emotional response any more. Humans are very base creatures when they operate solely from their emotional reactive response mechanism. For that is exactly what it is, a flight and fight response that has become very sophisticated. When you encounter the Zeta your emotional body reaches out to try and decide in its own way whether the encounter is a dangerous one or not. Are they friend or foe. You find it very hard to decide with the Zeta, as they have no emotional intent, you simply cannot feel where they are at. This frightens humans incredibly. You like to, know whether a being is one of the darkness or one of the light. Your polarity thinking just does not work when you encounter the Zeta . They are neither.

" There are many rooms in your fathers house. " Is a well-known saying. The Universal Dreamer has many different dimensions of reality. Some coming under differing influences. Your plane is one of polarity, dark against light, light against dark. The plane of the Zeta is one without any emotional level what so ever. They are extremely mentally creative beings. Just as you are solely focused into the physical, they are focused on the mental plane. Not the lowly rational realms but the higher cosmic mind. The reason that the Zeta are called upon to aid in planetary shifts of this nature is because they are very good at their job. Just say that you wanted to change the mind construct of a species locked in fear and separation wouldn't you send your best squad. The ones that are capable of changing construct from within the human psyche just by their presence alone. Simply the interaction between these two species of being, human and Zeta , is creating healing dramas within your fourth dimensional reality. Healing dramas created out of the material that the Zeta find in the fourth dimension. Another way of looking at the fourth dimension is , it is the astral plane, dream plane. The dream plane is a plane of moulding material, some mediums call it ectoplasm. The Zeta clothe their selves in this substance so they can have etherical type bodies, being of pure mind they have no form on this level and need to borrow some material in order to appear in your dimension.

This ectoplasm is like emotional debris, junk that is created within the physical plane in the forms of power struggles. You see in your polarity dimension, one can be bigger and better than another yet in the fifth and above there is no expression of competition or victim and victimiser. All are equal in spirit. Zeta clothe themselves in this substance, this etherical clothing of human making. When you look into the eyes of the Zeta remember that the fear they represent is the hidden fears within your own psyches. They are dressing themselves in the archetypes of your imaginations, the myths of your gods and the drama of your demons.

So now that you understand that the Zeta are called by the very planet Gaia to assist her in her shift and that includes humans, you can finally explore the possibility of having enlightening interaction with the Zeta. If you read perspective of the Zeta you will understand, how a perspective such as theirs can have a large impact on the mind constructs you hold on to as your idea of reality. They will break you free of your polarity thinking, send you on a merry dance through the levels of your own psyche. They are joyful beings and have there own sense of humour even if it would seem to you as little too much of a intellectual persuasion.

The removing of the fear is a necessary part of your evolution, the way it occurs is down to the fear codes present in your bodies. The more and more interaction that you have with the Zeta, the more fear you will process out, not only for yourselves but also for the mass consciousness. Finally with the fog cleared some of you are discovering that you are Zeta in soul. That is you are experiencing yourselves as being Zeta. Some of you see yourselves change in the mirror, some experience a varied and strange almost alien perspective in moments of trance. Even though it is hard to believe, you are indeed Zeta. Maybe that is why you have so many interactions with them, they are trying to scare you into remembering who you really are. A multi-dimensional being, with many different aspects some of which are Extra-Terrestrial.So wake up from the dream of your own making and look for the first time into the eyes of your Zeta self"

The Zeta operates on a certain mind frequency, a frequency that relates to your dream or trance state. Zeta usually operates through your dreams but as more of you awaken to their presence, they begin to have one to one interactions. Unfortunately due to the nature of your mindsets the interaction usually resembles the scenes of abductions. Slowly over time the Zeta help the human to clear enough of the fear to begin a true exchange of energies without the disturbance of the illusion of the third and fourth dimensions.

What is the experience of this fifth dimensional interaction? Firstly it is without fear, for when you operate on the fifth dimension you are in a reality that is without polarity, right and wrong and judgement. It is freeing to exist in this realm. For fear is a very slowing energy. You can literally feel your body go into hyper-drive. The fifth dimension is without separation, this is a hard concept to convey to you as your operate in the realm of separation. If you cast your mind back , you too operated in this realm of oneness. For those of you that are Zeta descendants have the access to their Zeta hive on this fifth dimension. For the Zeta are just that, they represent the ultimate coming together of energies. Therefore they express themselves as a "we " consciousness. There are many of you in your abduction experiences, experiencing the Zeta communicating from one to another. Some of you have mistaken this as telepathy, the Zeta have no need to communicate in this manner, as they are all one being. They are ONE being. This is very hard for you to understand as you see many bodies and imagine that they are many, in fact there is only the Web. Each Zeta representing the ideas that the Web contains.

Your interactions are changing, transforming. You are encountering them, when you are in altered states of reality. Many of you are beginning to see them whilst you gaze in the mirror. The reason for this is the act of looking in the mirror off -focus your eyes and allows you to use another aspect of the operation of the eye. This exercise allows you to see auras and others transfiguring. Whilst gazing in the mirror you can see the energy body superimposed upon the physical form's reflection. The Zeta uses this energy body to express themselves into a form that you can see. No longer are they using a medium outside of you but are using the very matter within your etherical body to dream, a dream that will allow you to perceive them. Some of you embrace this as being the channelling of E.T beings, which on one level, (one of separation) that is occurring, but on the fifth and above you are experiencing a direct reflection of yourself. A reflection of soul. A image that will convey straight into your mind and body the information that YOU ARE A ZETA.

For some of you this will create immense fear that you will block, this only results in the Zeta resorting to the old abduction scenarios to re -gain your attention. For some of you the experience is so real, so physical, that it is impossible for you to deny that as much as it scares you to death, you are indeed Zeta. So where do you go from there? You are a curious being because you are are Zeta. You are highly creative and curious. You would probably want more information about the Zeta. That may lead you to place such as Alieneyes. You learn that it is ok to become and integrate this aspect of self. This Zeta self. By your curiosity alone you draw to you information from outside and inside as to who exactly are the Zeta. Not everything sits right with you. Such as the idea that you should fear them and somehow they are bad. Even though you cannot explain it you feel that somehow the abduction experiences and the governmental conspiracies are not all the story. You begin to investigate just why there is so much fear and begin the long journey of integrating this self. You clear your fear, you begin to give them permission to work with you. Still for the moment believing they are still separate to you. As you interact with them you allow them into your body. Some of you still believe that you have no conscious choice in this experience but your soul is the controlling factor in this process. Remember that these beings are not separate to you. THEY ARE YOU.It is your Zeta self. Have you never wondered why they always say they are you?

For some who choose to do this without conscious recognition the Zeta play with you, change your reality, take you on may and varied mind games to awaken you to the fact that you are Zeta. This is where they get the reputation that they are not to be trusted. They have a job to do and do it they will. They have no emotional bodies, not that you would recognise anyway. They do not feel compassion not out of lack but of necessity. Their job is a hard one, compassion would not allow them to be cruel to be kind. If you are the sort of person who needs a loud alarm clock to get you up in the morning, then the Zeta will oblige.

It is quite a challenge to discover that you are an Alien. For at this juncture in the story, you still consider it to be outside of you, not integrated. You begin to communicate with this being, this self and after some time you begin to physically integrate. This is the biggest challenge. The Zeta and the human biological form are complete opposites in nature. The dual personality will allow you to see how different, the human and Zeta perspectives vary. You will literally walk around with two perspectives, two views on life. The Zeta bring a highly mental opportunity for the human mind to release itself from the confines of the rational and move into the realm of the Web. It is not just a one way thing, the Zeta self benefits from the process also. They are realising their beings in the love of the Creator through you. As the process proceeds you become more Zeta and the Zeta self becomes humanised

The merging has begun, after some time you simply cannot tell yourselves apart. Human and Zeta as one. Can you now see how the hybrid programme is a symbolic fourth dimension representation of the integration of the Soul. As human and Zeta merge, worlds are created to symbolically represent this process. New worlds where Human and Zeta hybrids, The Essassanai live and breathe. Can you see how the creative processes experienced on this planet, create new a varied worlds throughout the cosmos?

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Anyone wishing to e-mail me with his or her experiences of the Zeta or integrating the Zeta self should contact me at:

Pineal Gland transmutation

Imagine if you will a Web that transcends the whole of existence. Imagine that along these silken threads, light as thought travel. Neurones connecting, flashing as synapses open and shut. On , off the brain of creation assimilating information. A cosmic binary code, on and off. Two points. These two distinct energies that make up this code are focused in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. You can see this dualistic thought represented in the male and female, the yin and the yang.

The one side is said to rule the logical thought and the other intuitive. Male and female thought. Can you see how the way the human brain function is as direct symbolic reflection of the separation that occurs on your planet. The Zeta are all about bringing two alien energies and combining them to make whole. Therefore a balancing between the right and left hemispheres of the brain is needed. Part of the integration process naturally transforms the biological brain. Rebalancing it. Bringing the male and female energies within the brain into complete harmony. Just by being focused in one sex only unbalances the human mind and physical brain.

The Zeta may guide you to have kinesology, which uses direct methods to rebalance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Or they may guide you into other creative processes that you the Human and the Zeta have created between yourselves. In the channels case they choose to use dance. In England and in much of your world now there is a phenomenon called raving. I call it a phenomenon because it is the direct download of E.T energies into the earth plane. Groups of beings gather together and create through dance, energetic patterns that align the E.T energies with those of the planet. These people are literally preparing the earthly pattern for the integration of the greater Zeta mind pattern. The Web. Through the movement of the right and left arms in synchronised patterns enables Zeta self to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

With this accomplished, the Zeta self is now ready to awaken the Pineal Gland and set up the transmutation procedure. The pineal gland is becoming crystalline in form. The energy of Zeta rest in this place. As you integrate more aspects of self, more multi-selves you will experience each one as having one of the twelve earthly chakras as their domain. ( see The mission of the One Star, part two. )The Zeta rule so to speak the third eye or Pineal centre. Not much is known in you world about the pineal gland. The scientists have mistaken it for being a physical gland. They see only a small part of the story. On the third dimension its use is not seen. On the sixth dimension it is a direct link to the cosmic mind or the Web. Can you see how the story has a representation on each level. The sixth dimension is a level of geometric shapes. Intricate and fine. Resembling a highly intricate and complex web structure. The pineal gland in the middle of the Human brain is a node upon this web like structure. The pineal gland is becoming like a multi-faceted crystal. This crystalline structure is transmuting into a device that will allow you to access the consciousness of the Web.

Imagine that lines of spidery light emanate from the middle off this gland and connect you to the web on the sixth dimension. The channel has seen this and has also played a part as her Zeta self in aligning others to this frequency. Weaving light codes into the web-like structure that the Zeta are creating on your planet. The Zeta are the navigators of this Web and through the integration of Zeta energy, human and Zeta hybrids (integrated human and Zeta selves) align with this structure and move up in vibration. Beginning connected to the Web allows you direct access to all places, all dimensions all stores of knowledge throughout the whole cosmos. Much like the World Wide Web.

Alloya Ye Ra Har,