Transforming Planet Earth to Planet Star
by Alloya Ye Ra Har

1999 by Alloya Ye Ra Har

First Edition 1999

All rights reserved.

Alloya Ye Ra

Alloya Ye Ra Har is the spirit name of Nikki Huckfield. She is a newly recognized author, facilitator, healer, psychic and channel. She is a trained Hands on Healer with the College of Healing. Nikki is a trainer of the Weiss Transformational Healing Process, she works very closely with various energies most of which are Extraterrestrial.

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First and foremost, I would like to thank Greg, my partner, for his kind and supportive energy. I want to express my appreciation to him for his patience and tolerance as I ventured into the unknown. He created a space that was safe and peaceful, allowing me freedom and love to do my work.

I want to thank Madame Zu from the bottom of my heart for her inspiration through her music. Without her calling, I do not think I would have ever remembered who 'I AM'.

Thank you to my special friend, Alex, whose dolphin love warmed me when I felt alone and cold.

Thank you to Dan who was the first to recognize who I was becoming.

Much love to Verity who held me in a space warm and true.

Respect and honour to Beau who had the key, who opened up the world of the internet for me and allowed me access to the mass consciousness.

And finally, all the love and thanks from my heart for Denyse and Judy for having the dedication and the drive of purpose to carry out what I just could not do. They were the final ingredient in the creating of The Mission of the One Star and I want them to know that I honour them for their part in this amazing journey.

I cannot go until I thank the many beings, seen and unseen, who held me in my truth.

All my Love and Light,

Alloya Ye Ra Har


Portions of this book may be freely quoted or reprinted up to 500 words provided credit is given to The Mission of the One Star, Copyright 1999.


Why did I write this book? As I ask myself this question, I find that there are many answers. On a personal level, for me, it was a way of affecting my own healing and integrating aspects of myself that were alien, extraterrestrial. It was a way of understanding the complex nature of my higher self, my Spirit. I used the medium of words to affect and recreate my reality along lines that were more conducive to my transformation.

As I wrote the words, I began to realize that I was affecting my reality, recreating my destiny through the power of choice in my imagination. It has always been a game for me. I was always a little concerned that what I was doing was not channeling because it was so easy for me to access E.T. information. It was a little too easy.

I always considered Alloya and myself to be as One, yet to take that into the realm of my earthly self has been the process of the book. Writing the book allowed me to bring the story of our merging into the physical realm in a form that others (also other aspects of self) could understand.

It was a way of bringing the whole experience into a realm where I could be observant and see the process of my evolution reflected in the outside third dimensional reality. For me, it was a way of being what I could call the observer and the observed all at the same time. I understood myself as being present on this planet and also a greater cosmic entity of universal proportions. The book and its writing were a way of integrating the message of my transformation into the third dimension.

On a more universal level, the purpose of writing the book is to impart a message into the mass consciousness. It is to act as a doorway to a larger and more complex reality. It not only intends to impart knowledge to those who are about to read it, but also to bring in to the mass consciousness a frequency which will allow others to see the reflection of their own processes within the context of a new energy. This new energy is a way of being. It is not a reality built outside the context of love, but an energy that will allow the recreation of a greater reality, a greater self, Eden on Earth.

I hope, above all, that those who read this material will remember what magnificent beings you all are. If you look beyond the human aspects of yourselves, you are much more than you can possibly imagine. For some, these words will be an inspiration. For others, they will seem like nonsense. Neither of these things are my concern. I can feel that bringing the frequency into the third dimension has affected the matrix that makes up this planetary mind.

I bring this text to you with love and respect as each and every one of you is as magnificent as the sun that shines in the sky and as mysterious as the star filled night. I bring this message as a calling to those who are one with The Mission of the One Star.

All my Love and Light,

Alloya Ye Ra Har

Part One
  1. Levels of Imagination
  2. The Star
  3. The Dreaming
  4. Extraterrestrial
  5. The Zeta
  6. Prisms of Light
  7. The Living Library
  8. Ascending To The Fifth Dimension
  9. Form Or Formless
  10. Pictures Of Reality
  11. Free Will
  12. Time
  13. Lightbody And Merkabars
  14. Power and the Unification of the Multi-Self
  15. Emotions
Part Two
  1. Archetype
  2. The Net
  3. The Lovers
  4. Emotional Cleansing
  5. Elements
  6. The Blueprint
  7. Planes of Light
  8. Imagination
  9. Synchronisation
  10. The Message
  11. Stellar Source
Part Three
  1. New Planet Self
  2. Transformed System
  3. The Heightened Senses
  4. Living Joy
  5. A Free Mind
  6. Moving In Synergy
  7. Wise Wealth
Part Four
  1. The Zeta and Lucifer Speak Out
  2. An Introduction to the Perspective of the Zeta
  3. Extraterrestrial Contact A Representation of a State of Evolution A Message from the Zeta
  4. Pineal Gland Transmutation A Message from the Zeta
  5. A Manual for Surviving a Zeta Encounter
  6. Many Stories, Many Levels
  7. The Fallen Angel
  8. The Parting
  9. To God, this way. To Darkness, this way.
Part Five
  1. Personal Experiences of Antari Energy
  2. Realignment to Light Technology
  3. Multi-Selves and a New Reality
  4. New Planet
  5. Super Hybrid
  6. The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons
  7. Antari
  8. Unesseia
  9. Zeta Web
  10. Alustra
  11. Shektar
  12. Demina
  13. Hara Sheed and Deehs Arah
  14. Acrumead
  15. Ida Crone Woman
  16. Ta-Tum-Bi
  17. Final Merging

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