Co-creation for the mutual benefit of both of us in a new society

Of all the extraterrestrial civilizations visiting the Earth at this time, two races stand out in the UFO literature and in the net discussions: The "Greys" and the Pleiadians. This is because they are the two races presently interacting the most with humankind. The Pleiadians and most of the other civilizations are non-interfering, simply observing or else are trying to deliver the message of Spirit to Earth. The Greys, however, are known to be basically the only race actively "interfering" and affecting the lives of people on Earth. Based on some of the things they are doing, some consider them to be an evil race with malicious schemes and intentions.

I said it before in a previous article (containing an excerpt written by Earlyne Chaney of the Metaphysical School of Astara) and I repeat it again: The Greys are NOT are here to harm us in any way whatsoever, and are here to help us as friends in our planetary growth taking place during these powerful times in Earth's evolution. However, in this article I would like to go into a little more detail into what the Greys *are* here for, and address various other things concerning them.

A wide variety of sources say various things about the Greys: For example, they are behind almost all of the "abductions" taking place, during which they seemingly kidnap people against their will, make implants, and perform various examinations, including sexual ones. The cattle "mutilations" are attributed to them as well, along with secret meetings between them and the U.S. government. A look at these allegations can easily make one think a huge conspiracy is in the works. In fact, most of the things attributed to them are true, although it still doesn't change the fact that they are here to help, for reasons that will be explained.

The Greys are here for basically one purpose: To create a new race of beings. Entities of this race are known as Hybrids because they are a cross between the Greys and Earth humans. The reason why these Hybrids are being made is twofold: To save their species and to help ours. In order to explain how the Hybrids will save us both, and explain the rationale behind their actions, a general description of the Greys and their features should be made:

These extraterrestrials are called the Greys because of how they look. A typical Grey alien is about 3-4' tall, has whiteish-grey skin and no hair, a large head with small facial features, and large black lidless eyes. They come from a place known as Zeta Reticulum, and are part of a larger Confederation of Planets known as the "Network". They are actually quite small and frail, although can can move swiftly, in motions that would appear to us jerky. Just as there are different races of humans on Earth, so are there a few different types of Greys: For instance some have more brownish skin or other varying features, and not all reside in that particular solar system. Although the Greys have only been actively doing abductions and other work for the past few decades (similar to the over 100 other races that have taken up observation since 1945) they have actually been in contact with Earth for the last several centuries, their influence going back almost as long as that of the Pleiadians.

Actually the term "Grey" (I like to call the Grey aliens "Greyliens" for short.) for this race of extraterrestrials is appropriate for another reason: their disposition. The Greys have a "hive" mentality, and are completely devoted to the needs of their collective race. They work together extremely well, and have little sense of ego or personal individuality. They are basically all the same, and to us would seem dreary and boring. (I have a couple of examples of channeled messages from the Reticulum itself, that I might post if there's interest; although very interesting material on the abductions from *their* point of view, is always written in a dry and unflowing manner.) There are virtually no disagreements among them of any kind, since they all serve the collective needs. The Greys are hence very unemotional, and behave much like Spock or Data would on Star Trek. (Ever see a Grey smile? I haven't, and I think they should more often. :)

Some might think that the Greys are a reptilian race, but this isn't true. Rather they are in insect-like race. Some say the Greys look a lot like giant insects, and I believe that is perhaps part of their history - a highly evolved insect race. This accounts not only for jerky movements, but their unemotional and hard working collective mentality. The contents of my earlier post said they are like humanized robots which are working for a few magnificent Angelic beings. These master aliens could in our insect analogy play the role of the "queens". An interesting piece of trivia is that, according to one source, the influence of the Greys in our society has been expressed through the introduction of Rap music, and although I can't verify anything, this music would probably fit them well.

The collective consciousness of the Greys has many good assets, such as high productivity, psychic connection, and one-pointedness of thought. There is always concern for the future and the environment, and there are rarely any conflicts because they all work for the group. Negatively, they can be seen as detached "sheep" that allow themselves to be dominated by the group. Our individuality also has many good assets, such as accelerated soul growth, here and now aliveness, and a uniqueness that makes each person special. Negatively, we are seen as overemotional, moody people who care only for today and only do what enhances our sense of ego self.

It is interesting to compare ourselves to the Greys - we are very different from each other. We humans are individualistic, while they are collective. We are emotional, while they are detached. What it comes down to is that the Greys and the Humans, are basically exact opposites of each other. To put it simply, together we form a duality. We represent the individual, and they represent the society. Our emphasis has been on valuing personal growth, while theirs has been on unified growth. And this duality is the ultimate causal reason which brings the Greys and us into interaction with each other. Like attracts like, but opposites attract too, since in truth, polarized opposites are one.

(For the astrologically inclined, the archetype for the Greys is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the unemotional, contractive zodiac sign of discipline and work, yielding productive results. For contrast, the sign best describing the Pleiadians is expansive, enthusiastic Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, dealing with travel, education, and lofty philosophical thought. The archetype for we of Earth is erratic, unpredictable Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, of individual thought and new ideas. And, not to get off the subject, but, for some of the other more prominent extraterrestrial races: The beings from Sirius rule watery, spiritual, dreamy Pisces; those from Arcturus rule loving and caring Cancer; the Orions rule fiery, intense Scorpio; the DAL Universe entities rule pure, analytical, service oriented Virgo; the Lyrians rule self-expressive Leo; any of the forceful energy from the Andromeda galaxy is well expressed in Aries; and finally the Essassanis (described later) rule peaceful, friendly, balanced Libra.)

The Greys are a dying race. This is because their collectiveness is to such a degree that they have stifled individual life, and hence the "cells" that make up the Reticulum are dying. We of Earth (at least in the forties) were also a dying race headed toward self-destruction: Greed, egotism, selfishness of all kinds, combined with more and deadlier weapons without respect for others or our planet. We both were headed toward our extinction, and there was only one thing that could save us both: each other! This is the reason behind the creation of the Hybrid race - to create a race of beings with the best of both worlds: individual power and uniqueness combined with a strong inclination to work together harmoniously.

In order to create the Hybrid bodies, we need to mix the DNA of Humans and Greys. The main thing done by the Greys in the abduction of people is the sampling of sperm which is then united with the egg of a female alien, or else the sampling of a human egg which is united with alien sperm. Recently, there has been direct alien/human mating aboard their craft. In "Communion", I heard sometimes a human female is impregnated with alien sperm, and the fetus is then "stolen" out of the uterus in a later abduction. This is why so many of the extraterrestrial examinations are of a sexual nature, and similar precise scars made during them. Of course, this process has lots of complexity, and the Greys have to be attuned to the growth of the abductees and many other things, since they can't just fly in and beam someone up off the street. This can explain the purpose of the implants as well as contacts throughout life all the way back to childhood. (It also explains the rationale of a case posted to the net earlier, i.e. why an alien was annoyed when it realized an abductee had had a vasectomy earlier.)

The Greys are behind the so-called cattle mutilations. This is because human and Grey DNA aren't the only things going into the Hybrids, a few other creatures, including our Earth cattle, have been used. If one were to examine such a "mutilation", they would probably find them to be done in a formal manner with precise cuts like the abductions. As for why the cattle are killed and left lying there, several possibilities come to mind: First, the Greys are so detached and down to business that they would be wholly devoted to their task at hand, and cleaning up is therefore "irrelevant" to the mission. Precise cuts and hard to duplicate biological modifications can be done to promote speculation among us as to the aliens' presense, (like the crop circles). Finally, some of the Earth Change literature says cattle are one of the species that have been asked to be "taken off the Earth" before the Equinox, so constructively using the cattle for a good purpose does no harm. At any rate, the Greys are much more humane and serve a higher purpose than the ways people butcher cattle for meat.

The Greys are ahead of us in technology due to their ability to work together and since they never repress or destroy technology; that and the importance of a society aimed toward an important collective goal is why the Greys are abducting us and are charged with the creation of the Hybrid race, and not the other way around. Many of the people abducted are made so that they remember nothing of the experience, except for perhaps "missing time" or other symptoms that come up later, until they are recalled through hypnosis or other methods. One might ask why people are abducted seemingly without their consent, and why most of them aren't formally asked for permission beforehand.

It is important to remember that all "abductions" are based on agreement. In other words, anyone detained by extraterrestrials has subconsciously, either during sleep, before their present incarnation, or whatever, has agreed to take it into their dharma to help Earth in its work with the extraterrestrials. Most of the people being abducted are advanced spiritually, and close to overcoming the last of their fears, even if they aren't consciously aware of it, and are deserving of praise for the sacrifices they are making in service to the Greys and to humanity. Much of what is experienced is difficult to process and has lasting effects, as I can attest to in personally knowing more than one detainee, and love and understanding is essential in helping to recover and integrate.

There is another important consideration to remember: The Greys are as afraid of us as we are of them! Some of our fear in connection with the Greys is the fact that they are here to help bring the collective, unified mind to all of us, and we are scared that we might lose our individuality and personal power. The Greys represent the collective mind, and that frightens many of us; however, we represent the individual mind, and that greatly scares *them*! Keep in mind that the Greys are *not* any better than we are, and we should not give up our individual freedom nor do anything other than what we choose or agree to do; after all, that very quality is the asset we are contributing in our interaction. Nobody is coming to enslave us, and nobody is coming to save us either, rather we are co-creating with various civilizations to the mutual benefit of both parties.

The Greys have been increasingly affecting our society since the forties, and many images showing humanity's conscious or subconscious fears or hopes in relation to the extraterrestrials have entered our culture. For example, the movies, "Alien 1..3" and the series "V" (in addition to their obvious other purposes, i.e. to make money and be entertainment) represent our pessimism and fears toward the potentials of an alien presense. On the other hand, "E.T." and many of the episodes of Star Trek TNG represent our optimistic hopes for an empathic interaction where we can both gain.

By far the best TV/movie example I've seen which captures the essence of the Greys is "The Best of Both Worlds" episode of Star Trek TNG, featuring a race of aliens called the "Borg". (Interestingly enough, part I of the episode was re-aired on Fox Friday night, and part II yesterday.) The Borg were a leaderless group, all the control being spread throughout the collective consciousness of their ship, meaning it's almost impossible to seriously harm them since they have no critical sections. They were very adaptable and dispassionate, and the many half-organic half-robot beings aboard their unemotional, drab, gray, geometric ship fits the Greys very well, too. (Although the Greys seem about equal in technology to the Pleiadians, their ships are more Spartan, and rather then being saucer shaped, seem to be more angular: triangular and cylinder shaped craft come to mind.) About the only thing inaccurate about the representation was that the Borg were an evil, hostile race which absolutely "absorbed" races it conquered, probably similar to what some fear the Greys are like in real life.

Quite a few real UFO cases include the Greys and Hybrids. I'll mention a couple of interesting ones: At a UFO convention I was at a few months ago, Wendelle Stevens, the eminent author of many UFO books, lectured on a case that took place not long ago in (I think) Puerto Rico. In it, a group of several dozen people were simultaneously detained and taken aboard a large spacecraft. There were a few human-like alien leaders, along with a bunch of 3'-4' worker aliens who looked like the Greys. The people were all quite apprehensive of the alien creatures, but the leader told them they were quite harmless, and proceeded to pick up one of the "Greys" and give it a piggy-back ride. Another case was on a UFO TV special on network television a year or two ago, on I think, "Unsolved Mysteries". In this one, a father and son, after "missing time", recorded under hypnosis a landing of Grey like aliens and one Hybrid. The man and son felt very at home with them, like the extraterrestrials were their true family, and were especially empathic with the Hybrid, and they could hardly bear to leave the aliens when their meeting ended.

Concerning the Hybrids and their being the future of the human race, I once again refer to the book "Bashar: Blueprint for Change; A Message from our Future", by Darryl Anka and Luana Ewing. In this book Darryl channels a loving and enthusiastic extraterrestrial from our future by the name of Bashar. I have posted four various excerpts from the book to the net in recent months. (A couple of them, about questions on "good" and "bad" extraterrestrials, and on extraterrestrial abductions and visitations and fear in general, are quite relevant to this article.) Again, I highly recommend this book - it gives a detailed view about the Reticulans and Hybrids, and information on a few other important races: the Pleiadians of course, and those from Orion, Sirius, and Arcturus. However, the majority of the 302 page book deals with personal growth in various forms, such as fear and how to overcome it, Christ's true message and what the "second coming" is really referring to, a macroscopic view of a timeline of Earth changes and how we can individually integrate them, and a lot more. What wasn't stated until near the end of the book, however, is that Bashar himself is one of the Hybrids!

Bashar goes in depth to describe Essassani, his home planet and the home planet of his Hybrid race, which is apparently the future result of our interaction with the Reticulans. Essassani means "place of living light" and the descriptions he gives of them and their culture show a remarkable amount of collectively working together, along with lots of personal freedom and support of each individual's choices, and love and enthusiasm everywhere. Essassani, the future planet, is a more "etherealized" planet than Earth, and would be in what has been called "fourth density". Some of the Earth change literature refers to people leaving the planet, "graduating" from the Earth plane, a new fourth density Earth, etc. I hypothesize that some of us will actually be in Hybrid bodies in future incarnations! Although it is possible to "ascend" all the way in our fine present human bodies, we should not get attached to them or the human race, since the real self is not the body. In a Hybrid body personal spiritual growth is easier due to the increased emphasis on the One, more natural psychic faculties, and a more naturally loving etheric environment - kind of like upgrading from the old VT100 terminals to X windows!

Much of the suspicion concerning the Greys focuses on their involvement with the U.S. government, and this apparently has lots to do with the conspiracies some expect them to be behind. In fact, It *is* true that the Greys have met with our government, although again, the rationale is for a higher purpose, and most of the stories one hears on this matter are distorted or highly exaggerated.

To me, any conspiracy on the part of the Greys is illogical. If they did have tendencies to "take over", they could have done so much more easily several hundred years ago when they first started observation. (Actually, this isn't completely true, since the Intergalactic Confederations strictly prohibit and prevent any such imperialism that isn't part of the karmic evolution of the civilizations in question - As the Pleiadians say, they are here to aid us until we learn to help ourselves.) What the Greys have been doing is too precise and calculated to simply be harassment. If they wanted to cause fear or take over, there are much more effective methods then doing abductions in the present way and taking an occasional sample from cattle.

The first modern formal scientific encounter Earth had with extraterrestrials occurred when a Reticulum ship crashed in the southwest US in 1947, killing a couple of Greys on board. This was truly an accident, due to a radar malfunction, although again, it did serve a planned higher purpose, and those Greys did, somewhere, agree to honorably give their lives to show our government the first evidence that we aren't alone. The reason why the Greys didn't land publicly is the same reason why the government hasn't been releasing information to us about the extraterrestrials (in addition to, of course, the government's own selfishness about staying in control and wanting to keep secrets away from other nations) which is, that such a revelation would be a terrible shock to the core of the general culture and would drastically alter society. (Imagine the upheaval in our religious organizations!)

For this reason, it's desired to have a gradual introduction of extraterrestrials to our society, or ultimately, have Earth's integration of the alien presense come about through our own deduction and acceptance, rather than having it forced upon us by some public landing. This is part of the purpose behind many of the sightings, abductions, visitations, as well as the crop circles: to get us thinking and questioning. Although the Greys formally showed themselves to the government, they along with the Pleiadians and other races are waiting for the government on its own to admit to the alien presence. Like it or not, the government is representative of the collective consciousness of the people, and when enough of the population believe they exist (a small group demanding the truth can help but won't do it) this will make the government release the information, since it would cause no societal problems with most knowing the facts already. Even though our government can use improvement in many areas, we have to remember that we are a part of it, and we through our actions and inactions allowed what we currently have to be manifest, and the extraterrestrials know and respect that. If we don't like what we see, then we should work to change it - from a standpoint of love and understanding of course, lest one become just as dogmatic as what they desire to change.

There have been other meetings between the Greys and our government. The early ones between them were probably very much like the one in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Some of these have probably been similar to some information that was passed from the Pleiadians to our government in the 1970's; according to "UFO Contact from the Pleiades" they tried to warn us about an ozone hole that would form if we didn't correct some of our destructive environmental ways. Several alien civilizations claim to have hidden bases on Earth, and with the Greys' difficult genetic task at hand, they are certain to have one, too. Meetings may have been necessary with the government to get certain materials or places, and the Greys may occasionally have to drop in to clarify things when a key government person themself is needed to be detained to help make the Hybrid race!

Comparing again the Pleiadians and the Greys, one can see how the Pleiadians are seen as friendly while the Greys seem more untrustworthy. The attractive Pleiadians look like humans, and seem more like cousins than aliens; after all, we come from a common ancestry. The headstrong, enthusiastic nature of the Pleiadians isn't threatening to the individualism characterizing us. The Greys however are "different", and are seen much like how many humans would view a foreigner or someone of a different race. Earth's interactions with various extraterrestrial races can be seen as a macroscopic version of the interaction between different ethnic groups in a local community. And in both cases, understanding and mutual cooperation helps both sides. The best way I can think of to sum up how we relate with both races is as follows: The Pleiadians are Earth's older sibling, while the Greys are Earth's spouse. They are both helping out in Earth's growth in different ways - the Pleiadians can be seen as "internal" growth and the Greys as "external" growth. As my friend Arasia said in those earlier posts on Antahkarana, "Labeling the gray ET's as bad and the blond ET's as good could be an oversimplification."

Perhaps much of what causes the idea of fear toward the Greys is rather fear toward the collectiveness that they represent. Collective thought is a threat to certain rigid self boundaries that the ego defends. Earth is facing and overcoming much of its own fears in connection with the Greys just as the Greys are facing their fear in their dealings with us. Their having to meet with individual humans and with a self-centered government is a very good way to put the Greys in touch with and overcome their own denial of individuality. If there were actually a conspiracy, I would say certain governments, worried about losing power, are painting a picture of the Greys as having evil intent, and hence can keep fear in the society, and slow down the creation of the Hybrids. In other words, the conspiracy itself is a conspiracy! However, rather than entertain such ideas (the ego loves to deal with and invent external threats since they are exciting and reinforce the structure of the self) I would say the problem is more of an individual one, one where we still have personal issues and fears to deal with on the way to realizing we are all One.

I hope this article helps to shed light on the Greys and what they are doing here, and I hope any fear or pessimism concerning the alien presence is reduced and is replaced with hope, enthusiasm, and the will to take action and create a heaven on Earth. Ultimately, the goodness or badness of anything is determined in how we choose to view it. As it was said concerning the aliens, "We are them and they are us". External things mirror back to us the way we choose to interact with them; if one is tough on the environment, the environment will be tough on them; if one choose to play the role of a victim, something will come along to play an oppressor. Nothing bad will happen to us unless we want it to. I notice increased suspicion of the aliens comes right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Who is going to be "The Enemy" now? What would it be like to choose or have no enemies? What is the Self/ Enlightenment/ Bliss/ The One/ All That Is/ God like? What does spiritual growth involve doing? It is interesting to meditate on the questions and what this whole ET issue is an external manifestation of. In the coming pivotal years for Earth, we have individual and collective decisions to make as to how we are going to manifest our own realities. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. As the saying goes, "First, say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do." We are limited only by our aspiration!

It is important to look at the big picture. The galaxy is a lot like (and in fact is in a way) a living creature, with different parts serving different functions. And just as a growing being learns different things at different times, so do different planetary civilizations develop and represent different characteristics. Earth and the Zeta Reticulum have developed two polarized concepts of how an individual relates to society, and now having completed our tasks we are unifying and passing on the fruits to higher societies. In a similar manner, the Pleiadians and the Orion civilization developed two polarized concepts of evolution: The Pleiadians expressed growth through freedom and joy, while the Orions learned through the negative aspects of limitation and oppression. According to Bashar, Earth is part of a grand triad of planets ultimately developing "knowledge" in its various forms. In contrast, there is a completely different system of civilizations based around Arcturus that are developing the love concept in its various aspects; there will be more vast unifications between these different principles in the distant future, and still greater ones later on, all playing a role in the great Plan of Evolution in God's Creation. Above and Below, it is beautiful so!