With all the speculation abounding on the subject of the small grey aliens, I offer yet another theory. It is based on first and secondhand experience. The secondhand experience is from friends who have had many years worth of direct dealings.

I find what is needed here is a perspective shift. We are living in a society that still sees things they don't understand as potential enemies. We lay blame on anything we can find as long as it is outside of ourselves, as long as we don't have to take responsibility personally. In the most basic part of our beings we are potential Gods and were designed with everything necessary to create anything we need in our lives. From this very level (which most of us only tap in our dreams) we have brought forth a great gift. If you had a mirror that would only reflect who you really are would you look into it? How often? We, as a species, usually live in a state of denial. We would just as soon take the painless, easy, safe route and up until now this has been allowed. But guess what, time is running out. The rules are chaning. Our deep, true, creative sides have had to find an alternative to oblivion. The alternative has taken the shape of small Grey friends.

These potential helpers have a different way of seeing things. There literally is no time left to delay our evolution any longer. New tactics have been taken. The no-nonsense attitude of these beings is just what the cosmic doctor ordered. As a person I have always appreciated a blunt answer when it is necessary. If my ego had a problem with it, well that was my problem and something to be learned from. This is how I view the intervention of the Greys. As I see it, anything that forces us to face our fears is a good and helpful thing. It may not be comfortable but it sure gets the job done. Typical scenario: We see a being in our bedroom at night. First reaction: Fear. Next thoughts "How do I get rid of it?" or "It's evil, how can I kill it?" or "What's it going to do to me?" All of these reactions are based in fear of the unknown. But imagine that this happens every night for a year. By that time fear would be replaced with curiosity. You would eventuelly begin to learn from these experiences. This is the place my friends are at. When the fear is gone in any situation, that is the time when truth can be seen for what it is. The Greys are here for a few reasons. First, they are here to help force the evolution of the people who should be able to handle it. Our minds are so powerful that we can create a threat where there isn't one. Strange is not necessarily bad! If you can start to see fear as an opportunity to grow instead of something to run away from, you will begin to get somewhere.

Another reason for their presence is that the consensus shows that we, as a planet. will not make it. They are doing all their genetic hybrid work to insure our continuation as a species. The bodies they are helping to create will enable our souls to ;ncarnate into less dense vehicles. Bodies that will be capable of much greater work. It is very easy for alien technology to clean up our planet after we destroy it, but of course our collective karma cannot allow them to interfere beforehand.

A friend of mine who has no interest in such mattens but knows that I do, called one day asking to speak with me. When I met her she handed me a small sculpture she had made out of colored clay. I am a professional artist by trade and immediately recognized a high degree of talent lay in this creation. She has never taken an art class to my knowledge but in my hands was a perfect representation of a Grey alien. She said that she thought she was pregnant though she hadnlt been sleeping with anyone lately. She remained very calm as she told me this. I asked how she felt about it and her answer suIprised me. She said that she felt honored that they had chosen her and that she would do anything she could to help them.

I was stunned at the maturity of her answer. Without any help from anyone she had reached the conclusion I had heen hoping others would find. I told her not to be surprised if she found herself sitting on the edge of the bed someday soon not being able to remember how she got there. I added that some other people I know had found at this point that they were no longer pregnant. A few days later she left a message on my answer machine, "Wow...you were right." Since then she feels that she has helped to create quite a few hybrids and I've never seen her so happy and adjusted. She and her current hoyfriend have mutual dreams of walking on board a spaceship together. It appears that he too has been drawn into the cause.

In conclusion. I would like to suggest a change in attitudes. There are more options for learning on the planet Earth at this time than there are most anywhere else in the galaxy. Why else do you suppose so many aliens are arriving? They are curious too. So do not be so quick to accept the opinions of experts who have had no personal experience and whose psyches are still based in fear. Go out and find the answers for yourselves. This is the only way to evolve your soul beyond the illusion.

Corey R. Wolfe is a self-taught artist. Though he has little time to pursue it, visionary artwork is his love. A series of his art is available on cards and prints from Mind's Eye Gallery.