As the Pleiadians, the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who assist Earth and all her inhabitants (Humans, Animals and Nature).

Sirians are spiritual warriors, and strong connected to life-forms of dolphins and whales. Lot of people feel familar with these life-forms, because they lived in those forms as well, and perceive those entities as loving friends.

Sirius stands also for a Transition Stage, where a state of consciousness is possible to experience for preparation for more ego-related life-forms, ie. the humanoid-form. Therefore, lot of people have remembrances, which are expressed by feelings to the star itself, without knowing exactly what the relation or meaning is.

Sirius--a double-star (or possibly triple-star) system in the constellation Canis Major (Orion's dog). Visible in the northern hemisphere evening sky from about November through April. Sirius-A is the brightest star in the sky besides our Sun,at only about 8 light-years away.

Sirius is also known to The Dogon, a tribe and an area in western Africa (Mali). In the Dogon mythology they say that have had contact with extraterrestrials (reptile like). And in their astronomical knowledge they already knew the existance of Sirius B, a sister/brother star of the star Sirius. The Dogontribe knew already that Sirius B orbits Sirius and that an orbit takes around fifty years, without any technical tools. For french anthropologists they drew sand pictures to explain their beliefs.